Noise Tales depicted the space between “Now” and “Here”. 

Noise Tales hope our team will kick some Frenchie asses tonight.

Noise Tales wonder about one thing… this is our shirt design for supporting the German team @ the 2014 Brazil world cup. Get the shirt design for free ! Download here :  ! Do it for Hansi!  

Noise Tales got covered! Stunning.

Noise Tales found out it’s Monday, 16th again… Cheers, everybody.

Noise Tales will start baking.
Thanks to sugarwings for the cupcake idea.

Noise Tales grant it to their followers! —> Their debut, 10 years after graduating and never losing touch! We fucking love …everything distracting us from real life… 40 min hardcore - true emotions. Homemade. Self-baked. Expires on May, 22nd. 

Noise Tales stumbled upon ole Nietzsche again… and he’s right. As always, bietzsche.

Noise Tales trip out sometimes.

Noise Tales TGIF!

Noise Tales wonder how this weird name for a pack of tissues was found?

Noise Tales love Spring time.

Noise Tales don’t like selfies.

Noise Tales had dinner.

Noise Tales choose sloth.